Coconut Oil For Cancer

Coconut Oil For Cancer Secrets

Cancer Is the killer number two after heart disease.

There is no certain drugs for cancer cure. Cancer treatment often cause side effects, like nausea, loss of appetite, hair loss, weight loss, and vomiting blood. The best way to cope is by preventing cancer cells so that the rebels can be controlled.

Prevention can be done is to eat a healthy diet, regular exercise, adequate rest, avoiding stress, and reduce the risk of the emergence of free radicals. Coconut oil is consumed on a regular basis will boost immunity. According to Dr. Robert L. Wickremasinghe, Head of Serology at the Medical Research Division, Sri Lanka, coconut oil not only allows white blood cells function more efficiently in the fight against cancer, but also actively kills cancer cells. Thus, coconut oil also has anticarcinogenic properties.
The story based on an experiences of a cancer patient Suwarniningsih Eka, 30 th, Kullon Progo, Yogyakarta.
Eka Suwarniningsih is a housewife with one child aged 3 years. Six months ago, life expectancy had disappeared because of breast cancer that attacked her. Initially, he felt a small lump growing on the right breast. He was immediately checked into a hospital in Bantul, Yogyakarta. Medical examination results declared that the young mother has been stricken with acute-stage breast cancer. The doctor suggested that immediate surgical removal of the right breast.
And then he was running the operation. Her right breast had surgery and successfully removed. Once things began to improve, he was allowed to go home and have to continue with chemotherapy. Although the cost of chemotherapy is considered very expensive for him, Eka remained routine through it. In addition to continue to see a doctor, he is also taking herbs are easily available in the market.
However, the trials of life as if reluctant to leave this woman. For the second time doctor sentenced undermine his cancer returned. This time it is uncontrolled cell residing in her left breast. Eka back tears of sadness tears. Coupled with the economic situation is getting worse family, Eka increasingly desperate. In a highly uncertain situation, a friend suggested that she try to consume VCO, it is good for cancer therapy. Because so much desire to get well soon, once he bought the VCO in Bausasran, Yogyakarta. “I immediately drank 5 times 1 tablespoon a day, because he wanted to be free of this disease,” said Eka. Since regularly consume virgin oil, began to change little by little. Increasing the vitality of his body and the body feels better.
When entering the second month of taking VCO, with a sense of worry, he again ventured to conduct the examination to the doctor. After examination, the doctor was very surprised with the health state of Eka. Left breast should be removed, it has been free of cancer cells. As soon as he was with other organs, there is no sign of cancer cells. Hearing this information, Eka is very grateful