Cold Compressed Coconut Oil

Cold Compressed Coconut Oil Ideas

By Asnal and Dipho

On the other writings that I’ve written about some uses of coconut oil, especially virgin coconut oil. At this time I will tell you use virgin coconut oil to another. Friends, Actually, virgin coconut oil can also be used to cold compressed to accelerate the decrease in temperature to be cold.

How the story?

An incident occurred in a child. He was playing near the fireplace. Accidentally his arm touch the coals of fire. The child was screaming and crying in pain and heat. Then her mother came over to the child. Seeing the child is exposed to coal fire and pain, the mother immediately act. She picked up a bottle of coconut oil which she always used to fry fish, crackers or other. Then gently rub it on the arm of him that affected her ember. The child was still crying and in pain. Not long after, the child is silent. Then the mother asked:

“Is it still hurt?”.

“Still, but was reduced”. Replied the child

“What about the heat?”. Asked his mother again.

“Is no more.” Answer the child.

From this story, we can take the lessons that coconut oil can be used as a substitute for drugs such as alcohol to reduce the heat due to exposure to fire, scalded and others, on a small scale.

Why is that?

This is possible because the nutrient content of coconut oil there that can work quickly untu reduce heat and relieve pain. If the coconut oil used to fry it can be useful to derive the heat, let alone virgin coconut oil. I am sure would be great benefit to compress so cold.

What about you? Have Never tried   cold compressed coconut oil ?