Frying Chicken With Coconut Oil

Frying Chicken With Coconut Oil – The Story

Coconut oil as cooking oil has been known for a long time in some countries especially in tropical areas like Indonesia, Malaysia, Filipinos, Vietnamese, Thailand, Cambodia, etc. Frying with coconut oil is a habit for people in that State. The habit of going on since time immemorial are inherited by their ancestors.

But because of the trade war are less healthy, especially in the presence of other vegetable oils as a cooking oil, then the presence of coconut oil as the main cooking oil for the people is replaced by other vegetable oils or animal oils.

That said, when the world community much use of coconut oil as cooking oil, degenerative diseases such as stroke, hypertension, heart disease, diabetes millitus, and others are rarely found. The diseases usually strikes the rich people and few in number. But lately the diseases very often we find affects nearly all classes, both rich and poor. Some experts say that the disease is closely related to the consumption patterns of society, and one of them is to stop people using coconut oil as cooking oil.

How could that happen?
Based on findings by scientists that coconut oil contains nutrients and medium chain saturated fats are easily broken down into energy which serves to reduce the risk of diseases.
Coconut oil as frying oil.
Keep in mind, coconut oil in question is virgin coconut oil. In general, cooking oil when heated at a certain temperature for frying, will change the chemical composition of the oil. So the main molecule will decompose and cause disease risk of diseases above. Special coconut oil (virgin coconut oil), the main molecule does not change so that its benefits are still maintained.

Frying chicken with coconut oil
There is an interesting story about the foods fried with coconut oil. Once upon a time, there are old man who live in rural areas is enjoying fried chicken made by his family. He so enjoyed the food without fear of side effects of these foods. Then came his son who lives in a city. His son is reminded his father to be careful with these foods. But he is not ignored.
Why is that? Do the old man know that the fried chicken did not have a negative effect for health? Or he did not know about the effects of these foods for health? Or he was just desperate to be? That’s the question that interfere with his mind.

Then to allay fears his son, the old man explained as follows:
1. Fried chicken which he ate previously been through the boiling water so the levels of fat in the chicken decreases

2. Chicken skin exfoliated so fat that remains in the chicken decreases more
3. Chicken has fried with virgin coconut oil, so there is no need to fear.
4. The old man believed that coconut oil does not adversely affect his health.

How does he know all that ?
He is not a researcher and not a scientist, he was just a farmer who lived in a small village in the foothills who happens to have lots of coconut trees. He and his family usually make coconut oil traditionally to their daily consumption. And since he was child  always use the results of homemade coconut oil to be consumed. And until he was over 60 years he was never attacked by diseases mentioned above. When old man taken along  by his son to do a general checkup in health clinic laboratory, the results are all in good condition. This is because he always worked hard (sports) and always consume healthy foods and fresh from the nature expecially virgin coconut oil. And a unique habit that is always done by the old man is he always drank 2-3 tablespoons of virgin coconut oil every day . Now, thanks to guidance from stakeholders who are concerned with the development of virgin coconut oil production, the old man is able to make virgin coconut oil without heating or heating at all in control so that the quality of coconut oil produced better.