Oil Pulling Coconut Oil For Overcome Bleeding Gums

How To Oil Pulling Coconut Oil For Overcome Bleeding Gums

Oil Pulling Coconut Oil For Overcome Bleeding GumsHave you ever had bleeding gums? Almost everyone has experienced bleeding gums. Usually, bleeding gums when brushing your teeth occurs. However, some people experience bleeding gums, less concerned with the disease. This is because:
1. When bleeding gums happen, no pain that interferes with
2. Bleeding gums can often be cured by itself without having to take medication  3. Many people do not know that gum disease can cause fatal bleeding.    4. Not knowing that this disease can be cured with easily obtainable materials.

The Causes of bleeding gums.

1. Many people who do not know, what exactly causes bleeding gums and how to treat it. There are several things that cause bleeding gums. In general, bleeding gums caused by plaque and tartar that sticks to the tooth surface. Actually, human teeth are coated with a transparent layer called a pellicle smooth. Dental plaque is not cleaned regularly can have mineralized to form tartar that sticks to the tooth surface. Tartar on the surface there is usually a bacterial colony. Colonies of bacteria causing the gum tissue damage. Damaged gum tissue can cause gingivitis. If there is inflammation of the gums occurs it will easily bleeding gums. If left untreated, gingivitis can go to periodontitis where plaque can spread and grow below the gum. Toxins produced by bacteria in plaque irritate the gums. At the end of bleeding gums is common.
2. In addition to tartar and plaque, bleeding gums are also caused by some diseases, such as blood disorders and deficiencies of vitamin C. The gums of people who are deficient in vitamin C will swell and bleed. This condition is called Scurvy. To overcome this problem of vitamin C deficiency, we should eat more foods rich in vitamin C such as oranges, broccoli, lemon, cabbage, cabbage, spinach, etc:
3. Other causes of bleeding gums include:
• The collection of bacteria in the spaces between the gums and teeth are called pocket
• Pregnant women and patients taking certain medications, have bleeding gums easily.
• Bacterial infections, fungal or viral infections.
• The existence of other bleeding disorders
• Brushing your teeth too hard
• Hormonal changes during pregnancy
• Idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura (ITP), a blood disease that do not have enough red blood cells.
• Installation of an ill-fitting dentures
• Flossing is not appropriate
• Infections that occur because of the teeth and gums
• Leukemia
• The use of blood thinners
• Lack of vitamin K

What should be done on the gums bleed?

• Brush your teeth properly and regularly every day. At least twice a day, ie in the morning and before bed at night.
• If after several days of bleeding gums is still there, maybe there are parts that have not been cleaned properly
• Dental plaque can harden over time as a rock, called calculus. Therefore, be diligent to the dentist and brushing regularly

Here are some ways to overcome bleeding gums:

Eat lots of fruits that contain vitamin C and also foods that contain lots of calcium. Calcium may assist in repairing the damage sustained dental injuries gums. Limit your sugar intake. Excess sugar in snacks, soda sweetened or processed foods can cause tooth decay and worsen bleeding. Avoid the use of tobacco and smoking that can aggravate bleeding gums. If you have been diagnosed with vitamin deficiency, then immediately inadequate vitamin needs. Control gum bleeding by applying pressure directly on the gums with gauze soaked in ice water.

Oil pulling coconut oil is An Alternative for Overcome Bleeding gums

Coconut oil contains many nutrients your body needs to help the metabolism. This is very good to solve a bloody gum disease. Gargling with coconut oil with a little pressed up through the gap in your teeth and do not swallow swallowed, it helps resolve bleeding gums. When the virgin coconut oil (VCO) in the mouth mixes with saliva and lauric acid contained in the VCO is converted into monolaurin.

Coconut oil is proven effective to cure diseases caused by bacteria. Therefore, by rinsing coconut oil (coconut oil pulling oil) bleeding gum disease can be cured quickly. Oil pulling coconut oil is made from virging coconut oil is very beneficial, not only cope with bleeding gums, but also for overall body health.
Now you know how to cope with bleeding gums. Use the oil pulling with coconut oil to cope with fast your bleeding gums. The thing to remember when doing oil pulling with coconut oil, coconut oil do not swallow it. Remove immediately after gargling and rinsing the mouth clean by using clean water. To prevent the recurrence of bleeding gums regularly do oil pulling with coconut oil.

To avoid bleeding gums, you should check with your dentist at least every 6 months to remove plaque, gently binds to the teeth with a soft bristle brush after every meal and avoid drug use mouthwashes that contain alcohol because it can worsen the problems of the teeth and gums. And don’t forget to use oil pulling coconut oil for overcome bleeding gums