Oil Pulling Coconut Oil

Oil Pulling Coconut Oil Can Be Fun For Everyone

Have you ever had bleeding gums?

Many people who experience bleeding gums. However, some people affected by the disease bleeding gums, less concerned with the disease. This is because:

1. Gum disease is usually painless bleeding that interferes

2. Bleeding gums can often be cured by itself without having to take medication

3. Many do not know that the disease can cause bleeding gums caused by a fatal

4. Not knowing that the disease can be cured by bleeding gums are easily obtainable materials


What causes bleeding gums ?

• The gathering of bacteria in the spaces between the gums and teeth called pockets

• Gums pregnant women and patients taking certain medications, it is easy to bleed


What should be done on the gums bleed?

• Brush teeth properly

• If after a few days still bleeding gums, perhaps there are parts that have not been cleaned properly

• Dental plaque can harden over time like a rock, called calculus. Therefore, be diligent to the dentist and brushing regularly


Oil Pulling Coconut Oil Is An Alternative To Overcome The Bleeding Gums


Coconut oil contains many nutrients that your body needs to help metabolism.  It is very good to solve bleeding gum disease. Gargling with coconut oil then is swallowed by a great help resolve a bloody gums. When virgin coconut oil (VCO) in the mouth mixes with saliva and lauric acid contained in the VCO is converted to mono-Laurin.

Coconut oil is proven to cure diseases caused by bacteria. Therefore, by gargling coconut oil ( oil pulling ) disease bleeding gums can be cured quickly. Oil pulling made from pure coconut oil is very beneficial, not only cope with bleeding gums, but also for overall body health.

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