Side Effects Of Coconut Oil

Side Effects Of Coconut Oil Reviews & Guide

Side effects of coconut oilAre there side effects of coconut oil ? It is naturally that many people have asked the side effects of coconut oil , Coconut oil is already a scourge for many people. Not easy to erase the notion that coconut oil as a variety of diseases diseases, especially degenerative diseases. Many studies that prove that coconut oil has enormous benefits for health. However, publication of research results is inadequate, so many people who do not know. Even many doctors and nutritionists who still doubt the results of these studies. They are still many who think that consuming coconut oil bad effect on health. They always encourage their patients to avoid the use of coconut oil in cooking because it has side effects detrimental to health. The main reason for the artifacts of oil saturated coconut oil, they do not know or ignore the knowledge of the oil saturated coconut oil. Saturated oils in coconut oil is actually an medium chain fatty acid (MCFA) are actually beneficial to health.

How to change the paradigm about the side effects of coconut oil? It’s a tough job to convince people about the benefits of the notion of coconut oil. But this does not mean can not be done. One way is by doing extensive publicity about, the results are accurate and responsible. Especially for medical groups, academics, scientists, other researchers and the public. Why is it necessary? Coconut oil has tremendous benefits for preventing and treating various diseases. Besides the price is relatively cheap and easily obtainable. And most importantly, coconut oil does not cause bad side effects if used properly. Henceforth let us consider the following information:

Are there any side effects of virgin coconut oil ? A lot of literature written about the benefits of virgin coconut oil. From this work, there is nothing to discuss about the side effects of virgin coconut oil. This raises concern for the public using virgin coconut oil.

Virgin Coconut Oil does not cause (By: Murray Price Ph.D (Coconut Oil for Your Health, Longevity Publishing House, 2003)

- The rise in blood cholesterol levels

- The rise in viscosity or formation of blood clots

- Atherosclerosis or heart disease

- Obesity

- Etc

Many benefits of virgin coconut oil, may lead to several questions, including the following:

Why did not anyone discuss the side effects of virgin coconut oil? Is it hidden or no side effects from virgin coconut oil?

While we have not gotten the information from side effects of virgin coconut oil, it helps us as users of virgin coconut oil to do the following:

1. Use virgin coconut oil in accordance with the instructions on the label packaging of virgin coconut oil you consume

2. Do not use virgin coconut oil in excess. Due to excessive whatever would cause harmful side effects of our own

3. Use virgin coconut oil from the producers of the original and a certified safe

4. Check the expiration date of the use of virgin coconut oil you use

From some of the tips above I believe the use coconut oil for health or consumption per day would be safe.

We know that coconut oil is inseparable from the needs of the community every day. In fulfilling our needs every day, coconut oil can not be avoided. But, until now there has been no news about the people who experience toxicity due to use of coconut oil, especially virgin coconut oil. From this explanation we can conclude that there are no side effects of coconut oil