Virgin Coconut Oil For Hair And Skin

Virgin Coconut Oil For Hair And Skin – Overview

One of the benefits of virgin coconut oil is for hair and skin.

Virgin coconut oil has long been known for tropical communities and made hereditary. Since ancient times people tend to use virgin coconut oil to smooth the skin, hair thick, heal ulceration, and solve problems in the baby’s scalp.

Virgin coconut oil also has long been used as material for soap, shampoo, and skin care creams. The molecular structure of virgin coconut oil a little easier to absorb skin and hair. Virgin coconut oil is excellent for softening rough skin and wrinkles. Many also use virgin coconut oil or VCO as a lip balm because it is safe and natural.

Virgin coconut oil is processed without heating will give a good effect on all body tissues, especially connective tissue that gives elasticity to the skin. Without connective tissue fibers, man will become a shapeless mass of tissue. When I was younger, skin feels more healthy, smooth, and elastic. With increasing age, these fibers become loose tissue and rupture caused by free radical attack. Skin that is young, fast, flexible, and can seamlessly turn into dry, hard, and stiff.

Virgin coconut oil is routinely used in oral and topical (smeared) will help keep your skin youthful. One way to help lift dead skin cells. With disintegrating dead skin cells and replace with new cells, the skin will be elastic and strong again. This oil can also protect skin from bacteria and fungi that can damage the skin. If the skin’s defense is weak, there will be acne, boils, fungal infections, herpes, or warts.Virgin coconut oil mixed with garlic is a potent salve to heal ulcers and eyelets. It is easy, simply by applying only to the sick body on a daily basis. Facial skin with acne, sunburn, and freckles due to aging, can also be overcome with virgin coconut oil.

Virgin coconut oil is also the most fabulous hair conditioner. Famous hairstylist from New York, Amanda George, praise and use virgin coconut oil for hair care. He was always massaging virgin coconut oil 2 spoon of tea into her hair before bed and rinse in the morning. The result is Amanda’s hair soft and shiny all day. These beauty experts can guarantee that treatment with virgin coconut oil is as effective as salon hair care at a cost of 40-50 U.S. dollars.

Amanda recommends to all its customers to use virgin coconut oil, both to soften, discolor, or hair thick. Virgin coconut oil was also effective for removing dandruff. Virgin coconut oil has now become an important part in hair care program Amanda George